Eat Crow


– Centrifuge only accepts electronic submissions.

– Centrifuge accepts experimental material in these categories:

a) Poetry
b) Micro-fiction (100 words or less)
c) Flash fiction (1000 words or less)
d) Graphic art
e) Unreasonable diatribes
f) Falsehoods

– “Journal Submission” should be in the subject line of all submissions.

– Written submissions should be in PDF, DOC, RTF formats. Submissions may also be pasted in the body of an email.

– Graphic art submissions should be in JPG or PNG formats if possible (or any other suitable format).

– All submissions should be presented exactly as the author wishes them to appear.

– Simultaneous submissions are allowed as long as Centrifuge is notified of work being accepted elsewhere.

– Contributors should attach a brief bio concerning themselves and their work.

-If your work is accepted in Centrifuge, you agree to grant us first publication rights and archival rights. Upon publication all rights revert back to the author. You agree that if your work subsequently appears elsewhere (in print or online), you will give due credit to Centrifuge.

-Accepted work will appear in the print edition and may appear online.

– Authors/Artists of accepted work will receive a free copy of the issue in which their work appears.

– Send submissions to

– Centrifuge will respond to submissions with thirty days. In the event of sudden cataclysm, piss off.


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